21 – 24 NOVEMBER 2019 | Iași, “Internațional” Hotel

Participation fees

Resident physician, first author of the abstract will benefit of free attendance.

The conference have been accredited with 14 credits EMC by Romanian College of Physicians, 12 credits EMC by OAMGMAMR and 10 credits EMC by OBBCSSR.

The courses have been accredited by the Romanian College of Physicians as follows:
  C1, C2, C5, C6, C7, C9 – C12 with 6 credits of EMC and course C8 with 12 credits of EMC.

The course C3 have been accredited with 5 credits and C4 with 4 credits by OAMGMAMR.

Participants registered at CONFER can participate for free at maximum 4 courses that do not run in parallel (except C8 and C9).

Please sign up for the event online, by accessing the “Registration Online” form. After registration, you can access your personal page based on your username and password set in the form.


Participant type Until 17.10.2019
After 17.10.2019*
Specialist physician 450 lei 600 lei
Resident physician 350 lei 500 lei
Nurse 350 lei 500 lei
Biologist/Physicist/Chemist 350 lei 500 lei
*for registrations after 17.10.2019 the bag of the event is subject of availability
**Dinner 23.11.2019: 200 lei/participant


Participation at the courses is free of charge for the participants registered at CONFER 2019, exception are the C8 and C9 courses.

C8 and C9 registrations are limited to 12 placesyou can’t register only for one of the two courses, you have to register for both of them.
Courses fees (C8 and C9):

  • physicians800 lei
  • resident physicians600 lei
  • students*300 lei

* Students can register for courses C8 and C9 by sending an email to contact@oncologieiasi.ro, specified name of the participant and city.

The participation at conference/courses fees can be paid using the following method:
– by bank transfer to Eventer.Net SRL lași account, in RON (at BNR’s daily rate), account number: IBAN: RO34BACX0000001109460000, opened at UniCredit Bank lași, VAT Number: R026964360.

Validation of registration:
Your event registration will be validated after the operator receives copies of payment documents or payment document data.
Copies or document data which certifies payment can be sent using one of the following methods:

On the payment document must be specified readable name of the participant, city and one of the mentions: “Confer 2019 – Participation at conference/courses fee
Participants who perform payments after 17th of October, 2019 must submit a copy of the payment document to the Secretariat of the event.
Until 17.10.2019 (inclusive) the participation fee may be refunded (less the bank charges) at the request of the participant. Starting 17.10.2019 the participation fee is no longer refunded. Thank you for understanding!

Attendance Fee Payment Confirmation
Your registration to the conference will be confirmed by e-mail only after paying the registration fee.

Services and Payments Voucher
After November 01st, you will receive by email a document with all your booked services and payments for the conference.

Services included in the participation fee:
• event materials (bag, badge, program);
• access to scientific sessions;
• access to medical exhibition;
• the diploma of participation with CME credits;
• access to coffee-breaks and welcome cocktail.

Contact CONFER 2019’s PCO


Address: Str. A. Panu nr. 13, Iasi
Tel.: +40 0332.40.88.00-05
E-mail: contact@oncologieiasi.ro

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